Why Pretirement?

Time equals money and money equals time. Pretirement converts money into time. More specifically, it converts money you save or spend into its true cost, your life. Whenever considering a purchase or subscription, open Pretirement and find out what it really costs you.

Countdown to Freedom

Using basic financial information, get a countdown to your financial independence. Hopefully it's not too far away, but if it is, Pretirement will help motivate you to bring it in closer.

Saving/Spending Impact

Run "what-if" scenarios for both savings and spending. What if you stop that $4/day fancy-pants coffee and save it instead? How does that new car versus the used car affect your future independence? Pretirement provides that impact to you.

Plots and Trends

Generate interactive plots to compare your baseline with 'what-if' scenarios. Pretirement will help you visualize the relative significance of financial decisions.